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Kuwait has a population of 3.89 million and GDP US$114.04 billion. While youth unemployment rate is 2.4%, Kuwait is the only ESCWA member state where unemployment among male youth (2.6%) is higher than that among female youth (2.1%). The average educational attainment is 5.8 school years in Kuwait where the adjusted net enrolment rate for upper secondary education reached 65.5% in 2012. Youth political participation is below average at 0.415 while civic participation is above average at 0.62.

Based on the recommendations of the Emir to work on the care and empowerment of young people who are a source of hope, the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs has prepared an effective and unprecedented mechanism in the field of training and investment of youth energies under the title of “State Training Project for the Development and Investment of Youth Capacities”. This project is a result of collaboration of efforts and coordination between the Ministries of State, including Ministry of Education, and the Faculty of Education at Kuwait University.


Implementation of programme/ initiative:

The State Youth Training Project is an initiative by the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs, six other ministries and Kuwait University. The project aims at creating a youth working environment enriched with an institutional culture aimed at empowering ministry employees and youth stakeholders with the knowledge, experience, skills, values and attitudes that enable them to work efficiently and effectively with young people in different sectors. More specifically, the project aimed at preparing professional cadres who are well-trained and knowledgeable, equipped with ethical values, and capable ​​to deal with negative phenomena.


Main challenges:

  • Presence of developmental challenges
  • Establishing a collaboration between multiple ministries as well as non-governmental agencies


Results achieved:

During 2014-2015, the project comprised of 25 training programs, each targeting specific state ministries and agencies. A total 720 trainees were enrolled in the project and trained. 273 certified trainers graduated from this project after successfully completing the three stages.


Moving Forward:

  • The real sustainability of this project starts with the end of its activities. The team of trainers who graduated from this project are supposed to assume its developmental role. This is supposed to create a sustainable link which contributes to the establishment of developmental training events and programs aimed at developing youth skills in various fields and sectors.



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Project Details

Date: October 10, 2017

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