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Summary of Policy:
1. Target group

The target population of this programme is graduates of vocational education and training institutes.

2. Goals/Objectives

Young people and vocational education graduates will be supported to start businesses. They will also be provided with opportunities to receive funding and be supported to engage in business activities based on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.  Within this framework, business competitions have been organized, financial support has been granted and sales and rental support has been provided.

3. Challenges, difficulties

A challenge is to ensure selection of participants is run in a fair and transparent manner with adequate regulations in place. If the information is not accessible and only a small number of people are involved, this creates further challenges to ensure sustainability of startup businesses.

4. Outcomes and impact

Within the first seven days of October 2017, training programmes for start-up businesses were conducted step by step in targeted aimags and soums (districts) on a regular basis.

According to the information obtained from Bayan-Ulgii, Khovd Aimag Labour Department and Youth Development Centres, trainings were organized in Bayan-Olgii province and two projects were then selected. During the selection process of the projects, the Youth Development Centre participated as an observer.  The completion of the programme is expected on 31 December 2017, and so the effectiveness of the programme will be measured after this date.

Timeline: January 27 2017 to December 31 2017


With the purpose of job creation, graduates of vocational education schools will be provided with support to buy equipment for start-up businesses. In this regard, one graduate can access financial support of MNT 3 million (USD 1,230) while a team can access financial support of MNT 10 million (USD 4,100). A team can have a maximum of five members. This initiative has many advantages with recent graduates being provided opportunities to smooth the school-to-work transition.


One of the main goals of the programme is to support youth employment. However, activities are only designed for promoting start-up businesses for graduates of vocational education colleges and training institutes.

It is not clearly defined how other young people are going to participate.  It is also not clear in what capacity young people studying at tertiary institutions who are keen on finding jobs are going to be supported. Moreover, it is not certain whether they will be provided with training opportunities, information or job placement support

Opportunities for Improvement:

Focusing on the involvement of local TVET graduates and assessing the initiatives created by local youth will be indicative of the programme’s success.


Project Details

Date: November 19, 2017

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