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Summary of Policy:
1. Target population

The target audience of this programme are unemployed people, people vulnerable to being unemployed, those who are struggling to find jobs, youth who have dropped out of school and young people aged 15-34.

  1. Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this programme is to provide citizens with job skills training to prepare them for the labour market. The target audience is defined as young people aged between 15-34.

  1. Challenges and difficulties

The main activities of the programme are to provide people with professional skills and re-training services. Progress will be observed by skills obtained and how young people aged 15-34 will be trained to acquire employment skills. However, these indicators are not clearly defined. This is a major obstacle to working with this wide-ranging age group.

  1. Outcomes and impacts

The deadline for the programme to be implemented is December 31, 2017 and currently no reports are available on the programme’s results and impacts.

Timeline: National Council on Employment has started working from January 27 2017.

It is important to base skills training on the applicants’ professional interest and abilities, and the public service should be flexible enough to consider such requests. Based on these needs, career guidance and counselling services should be provided as well as employment training.
In addition, it is specified that trainings at the employer’s premises, as well as job placements, will be provided to help people acquire new skills.  This programme is funded by the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, which sets the amount of expenditure per student. In addition, the cost of organizing professional training has been approved and is ready for implementation.


Although the target group is defined as 15 to 34-year olds, there is no indication of how activities will be tailored for this age group.

The law does not address the needs of graduates to continue to work in field placements upon their graduation. Students should be provided with opportunities to do quality professional practice before their graduation.

Opportunities for Improvement:

The targets of this programme are jobseekers. With this programme, jobs can be registered at district welfare and labour departments, creating opportunities for jobseekers to look for employment opportunities and engage in field practice.


Project Details

Date: November 19, 2017

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