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Summary of Policy: The Government Internship Program (GIP) is a government run programme that aims to employ youth. GIP is a 3- 6-month internship opportunity for youth aged 18-30, who are in high school or technical-vocational institutes, college graduates and out-of- school youth to pursue work in the public service sector, both local and national government units. GIP serves as a training ground for future government employees. It aims to create a competitive and experienced workforce. Since 2011, it has helped 25,534 young Filipinos. Moreover, the National Youth Commission, the programme’s secretariat, aims to use GIP as a form of poverty alleviation. For this purpose, a monthly non-taxable stipend, 75 per cent of the highest existing minimum wage in the region, is provided by the government.

Timeline: 2011 to present

– GIP incorporates various national and local government units, government agencies, as well as
satellite offices
– The programme is very inclusive, including persons with disabilities
– Students are exposed to a real work environment in a government setting”

– Government offices cannot easily assign major tasks to interns since they are expected to work
for a short period of time and simultaneously studying”
Opportunities for improvement:
– The programme should have better monitoring and evaluation, complete with documentation,
proper communication lines in coordination with government offices, etc”

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Project Details

Date: November 18, 2017

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