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In order to build our database of youth organizations please add the contact details of quality youth organizations you are involved with or have worked with.

  • **Style note**

    In all fields below please follow standard English capitalization, spelling, spacing and grammar rules. For example, do not write in all capital letters and do be mindful of spacing. This is to ensure all entries are high quality, failure to do so may result in your entry being rejected.

  • Please write the official name of the youth organization you wish to submit contact information of
  • Please choose the country or region of the organization
  • Please enter the web address of the front/main page of the organization. *Please include http:// at the beginning of the web address
  • Please select the main focus of the organization. You can choose more than one by holding the "crtl" button on your keyboard while clicking. **Please select no more than 4 categories**
  • Please enter the main email address of the organization that people should use if they wish to learn more
  • Please enter the best phone number of the organization for general queries
  • Please write a brief description of the organization. I.e. Its goals, target group, operations, etc.
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